Why PVC for Your Shower Panels?

Most of us have are quick to assume that tiles are our only option available for bathrooms. PVC shower panels are starting to make an impression on a market that was once dominated by tiles. And when you discover the remarkable benefits they offer, it will be easy to understand why.

The following are reasons waterproof PVC shower panels make a perfect choice for your new shower:


Water can seep into tiles as time goes by, leading to ugly cracks that ruin the look of your once flawless bathroom. But considering that PVC is impermeable, it will never be damaged by water. Furthermore, PVC shower panels are designed for a flush fit, so not even the tiniest water droplets can get into the gaps between panels.

Quick and Easy Installation

Tiling a shower is usually laborious and time-consuming – tiles must be cut to shape and fit according to your shower’s contours, and more. Good thing PVC is way more malleable than tile, not to mention far less brittle so that it’s considerably quicker and more convenient to work with. Truth is, you need not even rip out your existing tiling – just put your PVC on top, done!

Minimal to Zero Maintenance

PVC shower panels are low maintenance, never calling for more than an easy wipe to look just the same as when you installed them. On the other hand, grouting between tiles, promotes the growth of mildew and other fungi and is highly susceptible to staining. As grouting is unneeded for PVC, there is no accumulation of water droplets.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Not many know that PVC is actually a good insulator, especially when in about 8mm thickness, which is usual for shower and bathroom panels. Aside from that, because waterproof bathroom panels are literally seamless, there is no way for heat to escape. This gives you a bathroom that warms naturally and reduced heating costs .

Sleek, Contemporary Look

Although tiles have been bathroom wall staples for centuries, many of us have realized they want a smoother, more modern look that cannot be achieved even with the most expensive high-end tiles available. Regardless of your taste, there’s a huge chance you’ll find the perfect PVC bathroom wall tiles or shower tiles in the color and/or finish you want.

Lower Cost

Lastly, one extremely obvious thing about PVC shower panels is their cost-effectiveness – the fact that they are physically larger than tiles automatically makes them cheaper overall. Add to that the fondness of many stores to offer huge discounts, especially if you’re buying online.