Are you considering a ballroom wedding? Many couples are choosing this option although it does appear to be lacking in flexibility at first glance. A wedding ballroom is both elegant and comfortable and allows for an effortless reception. All one needs is some creativity and an eye for design and the ballroom can be transformed into the perfect space for the wedding and reception that truly reflects the personality of the couple. How should one style the ballroom to achieve this goal?

Use the Space Wisely

Ballrooms are known for being spacious areas, thus couples must know how to make the most of this space. Couples often place tables around the perimeter of the room and leave space open in the middle for dancing. Consider establishing different areas of the room for different purposes. For example, have an area set aside for dining and another for cocktails. Establishing distinct areas for each activity adds visual interest to the space. Furthermore, it encourages guests to move around and this often leads to mingling, a good thing when bringing together a diverse group of people.

Don’t Ignore the Vertical Space

Be sure to decorate the walls of the ballroom so they don’t look bare. Look to installations that hang from the ceiling and include greenery, flowers, or lights. Be sure to check with the venue to determine what is allowed before proceeding with this. Furthermore, a couple may choose to make use of tall centerpieces as table decorations to boost visual interest. However, be sure to interchange the tall centerpieces with smaller ones to prevent guests from feeling crowded.

These are only two of the many ways a person can decorate a ballroom for their big day. Consider the lighting and how it may add to the ambiance, try incorporating colors from the ballroom into the wedding palette to provide a cohesive feel to the day. Make certain all decorations blend with the overall feeling of the ceremony for the best results also. With some time and effort on the couple’s part, the perfect space can be created to make the day everything it should be when celebrating the union of two individuals in matrimony.