Advantages of Social Medial to Your Kids

As each day passes, so does incidents of cyberbullying, public shaming and the spread of malicious rumors. As a parent, you would want to protect your children from all this harm. Noting that social media is good news is worth noting. You can allow your kids to enjoy the benefits of social media by monitoring their activities. Below are some interesting advantages of social media.

The first benefit of social media is that it enables your children to form solid friendships. The life of your child can definitely be impacted by a loyal friend. This is because friendship allows your kid to connect with the world in many ways. Other than that your child is in a better position of acquiring a friend who will listen to him/her. Cyber bullying is also reduced by friendships according to research. Social medial also improves friendship bonds according to additional research.

The second benefit of social media to your kids is that it is a platform to do well. By using known social media accounts, you children impact the world positively. Some children have started awareness campaigns in the comfort of their homes. School reforms on various issues have been pursued by other kids who feel the need for change. Furthermore, empowerment campaigns for the forsaken communities in the world have been pursued by some kids. Compared to the past the cry for help is now heard by several.

The other reason why you should allow your kids to use social media is because it makes them fell less lonely. The research that was carried out by an Australian university discovered that the teens of nowadays fell more involved despite the fact that they have fewer friends. The last generation of teens were more lonely despite the fact that there had several friends. The report attributed this to the increase in social media usage. According to a researcher the decrease in loneliness is due to the fact that teenagers can easily discover their interests. They, therefore, pursue realistic friendships.
The birth of social media has also given children and teens alike a platform for support. The major growth in technology has now seen kids singing up in sites that allow them to share their stories. A teen who wanted to commit suicide was in fact talked out of the thought by Reddit Minecraft Community.

Building a career is the last benefit that your kids can use social media to do. Establishing an online presence is one of the way your children can start their career. Maintaining an online presence bridges the gap between them and the employers. Maintaining an online presence enables some kids to make some money. Let your kids know these benefits rather than tracking their phones using spyware and GPS.

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