Why Using Your Brain Is Very Critical In Life

As everyone else, you must have been told by your teachers that calculators are not available out of school. All of them agreed tit el their students that out there life is not about using a calculator. That made many students learn how to do calculations and stay mathematical formula in the head. As a result so many people have in their minds different ways of adding math, subtracting and multiplying out numbers. However what comes clearly in life is not what the teachers called predictions, but life is about intense rooted thought and calculation of facts. You will need more in life than a calculator.

Something else that you may have heard is that humans use only 10% of their full brain. However scientists have not proven this and cannot be treated as a fact. However there is a lot that is changing with the changing world of technology. What is happening nowadays is that even those who do not like tiring themselves so much with thought, they must learn to face the confronting situation.

When you think, you can conclude that a lot of what people learned in school does not hold water or apply to what they are today. You may think that you do not use most of what you learned like who discovered America. A much as it looks like a story, it has more to it than just treating it as a story. You can read more about the past by using the relevant website. There is a lot of info on the website that can remind of you of many things that you learned in school.

Schooling Requires you to determine more on things that you are not sure you will ever apply them in life. When it comes to English for example, n teacher will agree to your composition when you complete a sentence with a preposition. When you begin applying that in life, you to realize it is not a law. Although you may look at it that way; you will realize that you also need eloquent speech in life.

Sometimes learners think they need to stay in a place where there is no gravity pulling them down and limiting them in life. You may be surprised to learn that the force of gravity pulls more abroad than in school. You will be surprised when you discover more about life and see that all that you need is to know how to conquer your weaknesses. Other than blaming anyone, you will live better is you learn about how to survive in the current case. The the best life is for those who can think and figure out what to do in the prevailing circumstances.

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