Inexplicable Superstitions in All Sports

There are so many rituals and superstitions that sports players and their fans believe in as far as their successes and failures are concerned. In fact, there are many who have believed that picking a penny before as sport denotes success and winning. Sports players have over the years cringed to some special superstitions in a personal manner. The points below pinpoints some of the rituals or superstitions that are believed to work and used to work back then.

First and foremost, there is need to learn and discover more about a glass of beef blood ritual. It was renown that boxers could have a glass of beef blood before their big match where they eyed success. The reason why many people used to drink beef blood before the match is due to the believe that it enhances their body energy and enhances vitamin fortification as well. This was something that Sugar Ray Robinson believed in and would always drink a glass of beef blood which used to psyche the other boxers facing him. He won almost all of his matches tremendously and this became his personal secret.

The other ritual or superstition is in regard to “I’m bats for you”. generally, this superstition emanated from Slugger Richie Anderson who could always keep a bat from a favorite and successful batting session. He used to carry his favorite and preferred bats to his house. Slugger was known to treat the bats accordingly and he would even create or get a space for the bats in his bed. He strongly believed that this brought success. Many people believed that Slugger recorded success and a lot of winning because of the special treatments he avails to the bats.

The other superstition is no peanut shells. Superstitions and rituals are always used by many sports players to avoid injuries and experience success. In the pre-WWII racing time, NASCAR drivers had a superstition that got them moving about no peanut shells. People weren’t allowed to have peanut shells in the event whatsoever. These peanut shells equaled bad luck. The reasoning behind avoiding peanuts in a shell is that these shells are always traced in the blazing wreckage of the crashed racing autos.

The last superstition to note is the French kiss. People always believe that a French kiss brings good luck. During the 1998 world cup, France’s defender Laurent Blanc did French kiss the goal keeper, Fabian Barthez on the forehead as a way of inviting good luck on the match. Laurent had strong believes that a French kiss would work wonders. He was right and they emerged the world cup winners for the first time ever.

Through the above points, you will realize that sports players and fans have their all-time superstitions. All these rituals and superstitions are all related with winning and success. There are more superstitions but the above are the most fundamental.