This is to Note Motor Injection

What are the effects and the material turned motorcycle injection without waiting MIL lights on speedometers die?
At the time of ignition “ON” and the engine has not lived, then the fuel pump is already working and the fuel pump will provide the maximum pressure that the fuel will work perfectly when the machine is turned on first.

When the machine is turned on when the light is not dead MIL process that occurs at the fuel pump is not working as optimum standards (fuel pressure is still below the standard). As a result, at the start of the bike was not working at the optimum temperature (standard pressure), so that fuel consumption will be more, not direct maximum engine power and high exhaust gas emissions.

Functions and ways of working MIL lights, namely:
-To Detect early or as a marker if there is damage to Sitem PGMFI (Injection)
-To Read the damage caused to the Injection System by giving a wink to the MIL lamp.

How it works MIL lamp, are:
– If the condition PGMFI System (Injection) normal or no damage MIL lamp will illuminate when the ignition is “ON” and then will die back.
– If the condition PGMFI system (Injection) is not normal or no damage to the MIL lamp will blink, if the ignition “ON” and the MIL lamp will give you a code with a certain amount of flicker. The blinking it will give a message of damage that occurs so that riders would understand there is damage caused to the injection system.


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